The southern breeders and hunters of the Bluetick Coonhounds are organized as the “Blueticks of the Southern States” and being the same known as BOSS for the express purpose of promoting the Bluetick Coonhound within its original purpose of existence yet collectively promoting sound hunting and conformation traits thus providing its worthiness of reproduction of its likeness expressly throughout the southern states.



Our purpose of existence is to promote the Bluetick Coonhound within the southern region of the United States of America. With the goal of promoting the betterment of the breed while creating the opportunity for southern Bluetick fanciers in order to always have good fellowship and provide competitions at a level that is becoming to the expectations of its members. This is done for the express purpose of giving back to its members through monetary awards at planned events.


Article I

Section A

  1. This organization shall be known as “Blueticks of the Southern States” or BOSS; a non-profit organization whose articles are filed with and its name being in the public records with the Secretary of State of Arkansas in United States of America.

Section  B

  1. Blueticks of the Southern States is comprised of 16 states that shall be deemed eligible to host the Southern Classic and Pride of Dixie events. These 16 states shall be represented by a representative who will be selected by the vice president of BOSS.

Section  C

  1. The 16 states recognized are as follows:

North Carolina
South Carolina
Virginia West Virginia



Section A.

  1. Any Bluetick breeder, fancier, or owner that promotes and practices a standard that will elevate and encourage the betterment of the Bluetick breed shall be permitted a membership with the Blueticks of the Southern States organization without discrimination, regardless of age, gender, race, creed, religion, or nationality.

Section B.

  1. The annual membership dues shall be made payable January 1st of each year and shall expire December 31st of the same calendar year. Dues shall be $20.00 per year per individual and are non- transferable from individual to individual.




Duties of  National Officers

Section A.   President :

  1. Shall preside over all meetings.
  2. Shall oversee the maintenance of the website.
  3. Shall collect all bids from clubs regarding the Southern Classic Hunt and The Pride of Dixie Youth Championship.
  4. Shall choose a location for the Southern Classic Hunt and The Pride of Dixie Youth Championship to be submitted to the board for approval.
  5. Shall be an signer on the BOSS checking account.

Section B.  Vice-President :

  1. In the absence of the president the vice-president shall assume the duties of the president and shall have the same powers as the president in such case.
  2. Shall work with the chairman of the board to investigate any and all complaints and report to the president.
  3. Shall solicit quality state representatives from the 16 southern states that are deemed eligible within these by-laws.
  4. Shall hold state representatives accountable for soliciting events within their states and will require a progress report.
  5. Shall be an authorized signer on the BOSS checking account.
  6. Shall be responsible for sending all scheduled hunts and any other pertinent information to the President and the Web Developer by email: with the Subject : “ATTN REGINALD” “NEW HUNT – ‘DATE OF HUNT’” within 2 business days of receiving the signed contract agreement.


Section C.    Secretary / Treasurer :

  1. Shall be accountable for all monies deposited in the account.
  2. Shall keep accurate and legible records.
  3. Shall give a full financial report to the general membership at the Southern Classic Hunt.
  4. Shall record minutes from the Southern Classic general meeting.
  5. Shall be an authorized signer on the BOSS checking account

Section D.    Chairman of the Board

  1. Shall be responsible for overseeing the board members,  receiving accountability from each board member, and all board decisions pertaining to the by-laws.
  2. Shall keep minutes at all board meetings and submit a report to the vice-president.
  3. Shall review any complaints for review and discussion with the Vice-President.
  4. All complaints must be submitted in writing.
  5. No complaint is to be discussed and/or heard verbally.


Section E.    Board of Directors :

  1. Shall discuss and approve all decisions made at the national level.
  2. Removal of any board of director that misses 2 consecutive board meetings without advising the chairman of the board with a valid reason.
  3. Board must approve any expense that exceeds 500.00

Section F.    State Representatives:

  1. Shall be responsible for memberships in the state that they represent.
  2. Shall be responsible for soliciting hunts.
  3. Shall facilitate advertisement for hunts.
  4. Shall be responsible for sending hunt results, photos, and any other pertinent information to the Web Developer by email: with the Subject “ATTN REGINALD” within 10 days of completion of the event.
  5. Shall turn in all monies and memberships sold to the National Secretary / Treasurer within 10 days of the event.
  6. Shall be responsible for mailing signed contract agreements between BOSS and any host club to the Vice-President 60 days prior of the event.

Section G. Executive Board:

  1. The Executive Board will consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary / Treasurer, Chairman of the Board, and all State Representatives.
  2. These members listed will approve the agenda by a vote at the Executive Board Meeting to be held at the Southern Classic Hunt before the general membership meeting by the Executive members present



( Non – amendable )

Section A.   Election of officers

The election of officers will be held at the “Southern Classic Hunt” as a part of the general membership meeting and voted on by the members present. In the interest of the Blueticks of the Southern States, no officer shall hold a position with any other Bluetick Coonhound Association. Such practices have proven to be a conflict of interest for all involved. Anyone accepting a nomination for an office within the Blueticks of the Southern States shall immediately resign any and all positions held with any other Bluetick Association to be deemed eligible to hold an office with BOSS. All BOSS. officers must reside in one of the 16 listed states that are listed in these by-laws. Any officer that relocates outside the aforementioned states that are not designated states shall immediately be deemed ineligible to remain in any office.

Section B. Terms of officers

  1. President shall serve a term of 4 years.
  2. Vice-president shall serve a term of 4 years.
  3. Secretary / Treasurer shall serve a term of 4 years.
  4. All other offices held shall serve a term of 3 years.

Section C. Nominations

Nominations shall be accepted from those individuals which are current on their membership dues and are in good standing with the Blueticks of the Southern States. All nominations will come from the floor at the general membership meeting at the “Southern Classic Hunt.” Any individual accepting a nomination with BOSS must be a Bluetick Coonhound fancier. Any misrepresentation of this by-law will result in the individual being removed by the board of directors.

Section D. Southern Classic Hunt & The Pride of Dixie

The Southern Classic and The Pride of Dixie shall be forever placed within the 16 recognized southern states provided in Article 1- Section C and as follows:

North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia

Section E: Good Standing

All officers, board members and state representatives must have their membership paid on or before January 31st of each year or forfeit their office immediately.


Code of Ethics:

The Blueticks of the Southern States are committed to holding a standard that is above reproach. Each individual shall be held responsible for their conduct as well as their conversation. All language and conversation should be appropriate for all ages and company.

The organization is committed to promoting its events in a fashion that shall be suitable and enjoyable for all its participants within a family friendly atmosphere. No non prescribed drugs or alcohol shall be allowed at any BOSS sanctioned event. Any individual caught in the act of defamation of character or slandering any member of OR the BOSS Association will be subject to being barred by the Board of Directors.

Article VI

B.O.S.S. Events

Section A.

  1. Any club wishing to hold a B.O.S.S. event must pay an annual membership dues of $50. Clubs that have paid their annual dues are allowed to host up to 24 events per year.

Section B.

  1. Any / all B.O.S.S. event participants MUST BE a paid member in good standing with B.O.S.S.

Section C.

  1. B.O.S.S. clubs that are holding  / hosting an event, must define and adhere to the event rules already established on this website. No exceptions.


Article VII

Determining the Hunt Winner

Section A.

  1. Single night hunt will pay out the amount per hunt format of $20, $30 or $50 entry. In the case of multiple plus point cast winners of more than 4 cast, only the top 4 highest scores will advance to be eligible for the pay out. Payout can be split or “hunt off”. All other plus point cast winners are to still receive a win slip towards titles.
  2. In the case where there is a 2 night hunt and added money or special prizes are awarded; double plus point cast winners are to be selected first regardless of placement either night and then second plus point cast winners with the highest scores. The top four of these combined will be eligible to be either split or “hunt off” for overall champion. If split, the first selected dog will be the determined champion.

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