Event Rules

Welcome to the BOSS Events introduction page. The rules for each event, i.e: Night Hunt, Bench Show, Water Race and Field Trial can be found in the drop down list of pages under the “Event Rules” page tab in the navigation menu above.

However, we will go over a few of the BOSS Hunt criteria here as far as hosting an event:

  1. Each club wanting to host a BOSS event must pay $50 to BOSS. This fee includes 2 activities per month or 24 activities per calendar year.
  2. Hunt host clubs MUST adhere to all hunt rules and ByLaws found on this website.
  3. Clubs must adhere to the BOSS payout format. And $3 per dog to BOSS for Field Trial, Water Race and Bench Shows.
  4. Each dog handler MUST have a BOSS membership in order to participate in a BOSS event.

Thank you.


Click the links below to download the event rules in .pdf format. You will need Adobe Reader to view and print.

Hunt Rules   Hunt Formats   Bench Show   Field Trial