Bench Show

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BOSS Bench Show Guide-lines:


BOSS is committed to bringing back its show circuit to its original purpose. To award, recognize and promote Coon Dogs that are physically built and proportioned to withstand extreme hunting conditions in challenging terrains.



The following Procedures and Guidelines are set forth to ensure that we maintain an awareness to our commitment to the Coon Dogs original purpose of working in the field.

BOSS bench shows consist of Four divisions as follows.

  1. JR DIVISION: six months to eighteen months
  2. SR DIVISION: over eighteen months


To earn a CHAMPION degree, a dog must obtain three overall division wins. At least one of the division wins must be obtained in the SR. division (example): A sixteen month old has three division wins in the JR. division, he must obtain one win in the SR. division, once he is over eighteen months of age to have earned a CH. degree.

One best of breed winner from each breed will advance to show for overall division winner in its division.

To earn a GRCH. degree, a dog must obtain five CHAMPION wins in the CHAMPION division, with at least two champion wins with competition.

HEIGHT: no maximum height

Senior males should meet or exceed 24″ inches at the top of shoulder and females should meet or exceed 20″ inches at top of shoulder


Coat: coat should be smooth, not wiry or long haired


Ears: should touch any portion of the nose when extended forward.


Chest cavity: chest should extend downward lower than the stomach for full lung capacity.


Legs: front legs should be straight and proportioned in size that is influenced by the body size.


Back legs: back legs should be straight to the hocks with a forward angle from the hock to the feet and should be proportioned in size that is influenced by the body size.


Feet: feet should be compact without sacrificing size which should be influenced by the body size.


Tail: tail should be 2/3rds the length of the body and should have a slight turn upward not exceeding more than 1/3rd of the tails length.


Teeth: teeth should meet evenly with no overbite and with no under bite, over/ under bites will be considered a fault. (Not a disqualification)


Back: the back should run straight without dipping with a slight fade downward as it extends from the neck to the tail base


Eyes: eyes may vary from dark to lighter, (no glass eyes) glass eyes will be considered a fault (applies to hounds only)



Females that are obviously in a heat cycle will be disqualified and the handler will be asked to remove the female from the bench as well as the show area.


Aggression: any dog that shows aggression towards the bench show judge, other handlers, or other dogs while participating in a bench show will be disqualified and the handler will be ask to remove such dog from the show ring.


All handlers are responsible for the actions of dogs as well as themselves while participating in BOSS bench shows.

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